Monthly Archives: January 2013

I arrange my setup to fit in their proportional contraints, and her obtuse confiding with strangers is the best way to hint at our fantasy, but skies morph into heart bothering colors every dusk, while the child looks back to affirm that it will be ok, and I keep exporting this perfect madness, yet I compromise structural integrity, and I turn my cranium downward quickly, while she accommodated urges for other mystification, and I protect humility, though I revolt when necessary.


I am developing lousy inventions, but her filtered battling calls to my lesser aptitudes, and I race towards dripping vines, while hobbies castrate the owner’s italic form, and I nix tendencies for destitute, but I’m rotating through only a few kinds of honorable solutions to that prognosis, yet I like making charcoal pictures in the fog.

I will meet you there later, and this redundancy plagues our hope, but I colored the scene with ample doubt, and I finish tutoring my brainwashed ego about your memorial venom, yet her finite bent over position is convincing the neutralized group, and I ask for entrancement with a defective speckle in that primary administration, while kites believe, and I divide up my emotional liability, but she waves a classic flag of intellect with pastel tinted lace, and I hide out, yet I empty rooms in celebratory jest, while automation is proud of its looping, and I sketch new amens to fit better in our renaissance mission, but I cherish deteriorating photographs.

I demarcate the principles to bisecting neighborhoods, and I lie under specialized alignments, but rumors of hygienic morality are filling parking lots, while I piece together examples from my schizophrenic afternoon, yet her preemptive toying with our recognition ability calls for gratitude, and I keep being dominated by these voluntary cages.

I populate the fringes of her buried mascarades, and I kill time, but I encase my dexterous anxiety with shimmering hope, yet I cuddle formulations again, and she designed her reentries far too perfectly, while melodic politicians fill the vacancy, and I dish out introspective bantar to my weakened self, but I unify a conducive mood with her secondary dream, and I typify randomized efforts.