Monthly Archives: June 2013

I tame edginess for no reason, and my organs make their own decisions, but her lines are becoming more faint, yet I don’t seem to care, and I hospitalize areas of this plot, and I just go back to bed sometimes, but I think she is really gone, and I browse the newsfeed for anything not connected to our lunacy, but I dream with honor, and I interrupt mortality with a question regarding truth, but your net failed, and we unbelievably pressed repeat again, and I groom the venue, and I keep showing up, yet she blabbers out mockery, and I orchestrate ceremonies for spoiled aestheticism, and I damn irrelevant gods, but I cry for mars, and I lick people, though I forge my identity for years at a time, and I wish I could understand easels, but I fold these jeans once more, and I take a sip, while eyeing that proverbial house fly.