Monthly Archives: March 2015

I regress into the plaintiff within a clearanced supermarket novel, and I understand too much, yet I lower my head with embarrassment as she blazes across the room, while I get stuck again in a futuristic logic, that convinces otherwise, but I amplify perplexity into modes of decadence.


I dimension portals meticulously, and I loiter within their orchestrated nerve endings, but I hide underneath code, yet I die in waiting, and I invent rumors for my head, about the ways she might be now, though I barter attention too often, while I enlist hygentic rituals as a decoying illusion, and I wave quietly in our background to cut the power, via liked nonsense, but I find instant gratification can mutate past religious acuity, though I long to disarm tendencies, and I cannot be still, while I rummage for the next opportunity, that is merely a facsimile of it’s predecessor.