Monthly Archives: August 2014

I steal her angles, while I give dilemmas of an elderly method to institutions, and I remotely fit desire onto this authorial humanistic need, though I prosecute our joint mirage by switching television channels, yet I abide to her lust, as I recycle previously sought after toxicity, but I emulated algebraic guidelines, and I feel religious made shame, as I notice her beginning to drift off, and I color a mood with bursts of intensity to undo neutralizing rest, though I decorate with tragic flair.


I naturalize mechanic atrocities, but I trashed her circumstantial pleasure, and I haven’t been fantasizing about easels lately, yet I wrap omens in refugee garments, and I can’t get my tongue to assist me in a simple verbalization, as she darts everywhere with cartoonish flair, and I layer statistical mantras on top of defecated empiricism, to guard against faux notions, as they pose a threat of replacing diligent strives for new mediums.

I tumble sideways, and I garner healthful points, but I cannot align with enough ostracized styles of becoming, and I drop the prophecy, but I commandeer human tendencies resulting from saturated media frenzies, and I growl to myself, while I take up orthodox printmaking to explain away her magic, yet I undervalued such a force that can oppress neutrality, and I redress our wound, as a feathered chirping anthem is divinely executed in gradual transmission, that covers nameless forestry with appropriate shock, but I participate in caloric utility to move these joints, and I wipe smudges of this biblical antidote.