Monthly Archives: June 2014

I straighten this immaculate order again, and I notice my gentrified behavior is panting in the wake of a timely realization, but I frame her animosity, though I freeze at honorable excitement, and I try limbering up the crystallized past with new revolting objects, made to shake these fetishized cages, yet I xerox the way she bends, for later use in a nightly regression, though I waste language on nonporous examples of humanity, and I yawn to seem normal, but I design pleasure into this feverish calamity.


I launder the emotive stigma, and I pick up another rusty fastener, but I imagine that she believes in magic, yet I swivel my ear to check for fallen debris, and I vandalize habits, while I poll random operations for advice, but I let the banal moment of gratitude crush me slowly, and I ask consciousness to undergo flexion at the whim of interruptive policy, but I give her fairy tale status, and I admire lethargic biology quibbling with closed minded antidotes, though I exit from dreams with a theatrical gasp, and I overthrow rationalization, because I like frail architecture, yet I do tie shoelaces.

I flinch as her egoless nature corners me, yet I promise to wobble in between targeted concentration and fragmentary insight, but I am nothing more than superimposed layers of daily reprise, and I use my tongue for sensing flavor, though I update successfully, and I examine their covert irritation, while that membrane acts out its best version of friendliness, yet I am grateful for tourist chuckles, as our nerving masks deteriorate, and I wonder about being righteous, but I gawk at heel placement, and I miss the other community, where absurd stimulation has value.