Monthly Archives: April 2015

I obey her instructional misfire, and I loose feeling apologetically, in a region that simulates the conscience, but I monitor this grip onto an idea of waiting, and I standardize purity, though I can’t disown repetitive illness, yet I track hair fondling, and I proceed with most of these culturally enforced activities, while I browse the remaining horror, and I lie to my deficit, though I journaled that prickly substance off the radar, and I value an overcast ceiling, but I go fast, in order to learn stopping habits, and I embroil dreams with ambivalence, while I treat her to more of the same, yet I will orient unknowables towards glory, and I pick up litter occasionally.


I view myself, repeating it’s prescribed aura within this befuddlement of endless cafe mannerisms, yet I hinge judgements on a lottery, and I cannot pause the avalanche of gigabyte motivated intimacy, but I imaginarily pick charcoal, to lightly render an altar getting demolished with care, by schizophrenic union workers, and I go places where she might be, while I find new gimmicky items in my cart symbol, blinking at me, from the top right, and I recycle her quickly edited film trailer of not so casual expressions, but I anchor mishaps, and I have an unsustainable liking of junkyards.