Monthly Archives: December 2014

I depress legality into punctuation, and I sense myself tipping over, yet I use irrigation routes for advice, and I picture her discontent under fluorescent bulbs, as heroic issues torque wildly at the nerve endings, that she once cherished, but I refuse to fully believe it, while I quote dead insane humans to myself, as I blend into pedestrian traffic, dodging icy corporate ladder muses, and I thank you, but this imagery is stubborn, and I reorient educated weaknesses.


I justify the associated penalties, but I chisel off these dampening viruses, which get fueled by media slogans to enhance individual correctness, and then I notice her occupy a more vivid role, but I keep distance in honor of tragedy, while I look for any place to rest, though I switch frequencies because there is no headache, from these pseudo cynical dialogs that merely accessorize the blinders, yet I list eccentric cravings that reside in her subconscious, and I fabricate an emergency prayer out of boring gestures from this checkout aisle novel, while I humiliate mockery, but I admire trimmed whiskers parading into a drain, and I only find banality to exhibit, when they catch me off guard, yet I evoke toys for indicting personal slouches in the agenda, but I need to leave a better trail of markers, if I ever want to return from here.

I lose my grip on a history of self concepts pretentiously melded together, and I fixate when I should release, but I can’t avoid indulging with her beautiful errors, while I mix up the order of this vascular sequence, and I nominate a forbidden agency to lead us, though I collapse as I realize everyone is simply an infant who gets to operate adult citizens merely by default, and I pull the boot laces tighter, yet I grade worth next to hazy improbable models, and I think about perspiring oral designs for her in the late morning, but I nod to strangers, and I watch debt become a religion to many, while I attend empty meetings for that so called idea.