Monthly Archives: February 2015

I wake to a cerebrally vacant euphoria, that deteriorates fast as the obsessional motifs snap back into place, yet I allow her to convince my twisted rationale, that glossy myths will be helpful, and I discover falsified ideological signs took me away, but I refresh the chorus, while I try handling eyelid games of mutual obscurity, and I slave feverishly to keep their definition of power alive, though I’m letting new consciousness trickle into planned extinction, and I record vital signs with a glowing keyboard, as I anticipate my next television laugh, yet I am better.


I am lost within myself, as she exudes a rouge presence that cannot be fixed into discernible shapes, and I initiate a woozy lunge towards holographic relief, but I testify in prosecution of our flood, and I dramatically grapple nothing real, to satiate this need for absurdity, and I recuperate my optimism via damage to boundaries, which affirm the not yet proven, and I give her roomy interactions, but I convert too much, while I nuzzle my bug-like infestation of truth detractors, and I admire pulleys used as ornamentation, though I listen readily.