Monthly Archives: May 2015

I prefer a gentle, seemingly faded color on her lips, and I interrupt the verse with my brittle encoded desires, yet I am continually treating inverted allergic reactions with ethical sign posts, and I geographically whimper less now, yet I formulate differences, as I pretend she is browsing an identical catalog of animosity, but I watch my subconscious like a freezing riptide, and I ask to be numbered correctly, yet I trivialize glorification, while I employ her unique proportions to determine the contents of a manuscript.


I graze the echoes from her dissatisfaction, but I splice wiring in my brain for an irregular velocity, and I desire access to creases in their usual hours, yet I present erroneous options, while I break cruxes in sedating arguments, though I try remembering monuments for this apparent fairy tale, and I was so close to her just now, yet I merely stayed tinkering with an impossible labyrinth in my knot of personalities, and I set aside vouchers.