Monthly Archives: August 2012

I discover an invitation, which satisfies the hunter briefly and certifies more laboratory time, but a different echo of sitcom ideology thins with glorious pride in such a quaint forfeiting maneuver, and I buff out memories that are disruptive to that conference room presentation, while vocal news flashes to myself from myself in an empty kitchen imply we could be existing accordingly, and her persuasive yet sporadic darting between multiplicity and nothingness initiates consideration, but I unfold pretensive garnishing, while the robots come quicker, and this flower names me as a hostage in their dispute.


I park my agonized essence in the midst of calm insanity, while mentors jabber, and I pretend it’s OK  to bring toxic fluid along for the stormy opera of another weekday night, in which I frantically collect logistical distractions in hope that they are enough to reach an ordinary bedtime, yet I slouch and glare modestly at her pixelated image undressing for my enjoyment, and simulated levitation as an applied design principle becomes my newest fascination, while the accumulation of counting methods is becoming too heavy, and guises are shredding faster than governments can monitor, but widely distributed libidos take elevators in lieu of stairway games, which posits this condemned mini blind at the exact same unlevel tilt, while she prepares fixings for an entree from disproved yesterday, and I admire synthetic fabric bunching up in revolt, as punctuation become trendy, and we finally succumb to aesthetic obedience, but I keep wading through repetitive acts of a human declaring themselves to be me.