Monthly Archives: March 2011

I scan the crowd, but magic fails me again, and her defective zipper symbolically erases my identity, which rarely manifests in a way that is friendly to comprehension, yet I polish the maturity of certain habits while demolishing avenues that fuel a grotesque obedience to normality, which is just a substitution for a lesser evil, and I move on to constructing aphorisms for installation under grade school desks, but hesitance creeps nearby in a disguise to fool overly eager participants of this festival.


I enlist footwork that designs a pace that will infest their colonized affinity, and I make booby traps for the casual visitor, but the reflexive stare is what drenches my circuit board every time I jump in or out of sleep, yet I memorize the patterns in human traffic, and I keep the lid on her box of passwords, but they accept my irregular way of transporting this bodily matter to it’s standard conclusion, which invites proposals for demolishing the current manifesto, and then she precedes by welding orphaned points of argument to a stack of untamable cravings, but these figures purport that they cannot lie, and I delay the buzzer with my doodles about some layer of reality that was meant for industrial use only.

I bargain with a deaf guard of the holy packages, but she understands occasionally, and I convince my vacancy to abandon pharmaceutical help that will just make ephemeral disappearances, and I like rainbows from mist near oceans, yet I keep desperately attempting to enclose sensuality with precise materials, and they have probably gotten to know her too well by now, but I’ll still reserve a place for the culminating explosion from mutually trained worshipers of inquiry and peace.