Monthly Archives: May 2011

I startle the navigator inside this person, and I beg for attendance, yet her dresses are purchased as new, and I store data in the wrong folder while that highway rapes my ears, and I use pencils to convey floral arrangements, which obey a gravitational doctrine to conform under pressure, but she waves a flag, and I refine the surface of an antique philosophy, but it crumbles near mirrors, and I guess the speed of my heart rate while prerogatives continue loitering by that entrance.


I watch irritation market phony gadgets to these desperate volunteers, and I fantasize about trap doors while a bird grazes a leaf accidentally, but my dedication is sore, yet I keep jousting the mimicry, and her ghosts operate a vegetable stand at the foot of a lucky mountain, and I impeach compromising solutions.

I pretend to not be an accessory in these moral crimes, but leadership might clean away some of the opaque film, and she refuses to allow the flavors of certain limits to exist for their own sake, and I bite my nails while a gray morning arrives regardless of my opinion, but feedback shatters a creature who has never built a wall or dissected a vestibule, and I tighten postures in hope of bracing for it, but her remixes are immediate, and I go reaching for salient topographies in the mortgaged attic of my freedom, but galaxies will be chased with the same vigor as always, and we hopefully perish with an emptied reserve tank, but I do whine during episodes of apathy, and her image burns through the lining of my pockets, but I enlisted with nothing, and there is a follower staring through our codified plan.

I tilt back into this fanciful dilemma, and I picture a route that might actually circumscribe the bustling enigmas, which are spreading treatments for a seemingly problematic kind of health, but her gadgets bring forth research that mocks usual ways of collecting & organizing, and I worry about how much torque is respectful to the governing integrity, and I set particular music on repeat until my stoicism cracks & loosens, but I use artificiality for conquering the onslaught of hefty minutes, yet she seems present, and I trash a few rough edits because some thoughts regardless of quality may deserve to be withheld from ejection into this forceful horizon, and I do miss noticing the change of seasons, but accumulation is rampaging those suburban hobbies, and our distrust will merely produce shapes with no matching holes, and I ask official data for revelations, but I picked an extremely clever ignition that already understands the game we play, and I blink to find my legs skipping vigorously down an invisible path surrounded by the atomic material of new friends.