Monthly Archives: July 2014

I indicate cracks in this festive mood, with a robust appetite for staring directly, and I keep projecting twisted compositions of her idyllic form, but I immediately render excuses, yet I bargained hesitance for accuracy, and I lather in distractions to encourage my subjectivity’s return from imploded abandonment, though I vandalize this calendar, but I am quiet when flowing play occurs nearby, and I revoke metadata, while I heard she collects little pieces of irony, and I only accept unsweetened versions of this terror.


I want to graze in the feasibility of random knocking, during this momentary household saga, and I am neutral in the consumption of distant tremblings, but I remember abusive schematics, yet I harshly judge the breaking point in their ornate veneers, and I place that unique sentiment offered by her, in an anonymous corner of my flagrant memory, while I scan for ideas on how to best endure this necessity of permanent apprehension, but I contend with vague flickers, diagraming typical leisure, though I participate in romanticized work, and I invest in the probability of her slippage on mutual ground.

I kicked out habitual infestations meant to curb my sense of reality, but I am dazzled by the magnetism in her accentuation, and I like truth, while I parade ethical markings throughout my internal corridors, which are steeped in another generation’s turmoil, and I build a nest with alphabets nearing expiration, yet I picture an advanced future, and I elongate the shrunken ontological range, but I watch jumbled logic consume itself, and I sometimes plead to understand the feeling of colors.