Monthly Archives: September 2012

I wish for long overdue fevers, in which I may subside upon lucrative agents of forgotten testimonials, and I try to exist plainly before the mind can awake, but they are no fools, and she projects a callused embodiment of obtuse novelty, while I enlist punishment for growth, but swirly colored lollipops don’t usually indulge in the awkward readings of late 19th century philosophy, and I notice a kitsch warehouse barely stabilizing it’s molecular properties, but I remain slouched over in my noisy plastic chair.


I ask for a breathe, and there is no response, yet the internal maniac apparently still worships unreasonable exhibitionism, while her steadiness is a pleasant adhesive to my turbulent reentry, and I critique postures of this fickle township, but maybe the jealousy is overriding concrete pathways in DNA, and I fear death most at the initial glimpse of evening, while my vision depletes in consequential absorption of the orchestrated withdrawal episode, and I fantasize about cosmopolitan sagas, but I might be programed for just patient carpentry in a darkened neighborly barn.