Monthly Archives: January 2015

I traumatize our utopia with novice redundancy, and I crash into unmarked hazards, but I spend wishes on you, and I freshen up these greetings with an exact deterioration, yet I want her tomorrow only, and I succumb to the belief in abounding chances for risky juxtapositions, and I have leapt, but I am certain of entropic messiness, which should force dire reminiscing about previously intact exemplifications, that do justice to healthful continuity, and I reluctantly aim to meet the emotive discharge quota, though I pitch slandered ideas to fictional board rooms, and I grab loose threads, but I end up here again, while I confuse religion for the mind, and I weave her edgy kind of stare into all, that might grow out from palpable translations, but I remain under this dotted line hypnosis.