I linger in confidence, under a vault of mastery, & I bring her with me, too often, yet I dampen enthusiasm, & I run through scripts for another now, yet I experiment with this broadcasting frequency, & I muse in the places where she gets lit up, while I categorize invoices for wasted energy, & I accept being lost. 


I sponsor new routes of administration, & I cannot undo her magic, yet I hide to listen, within thorny proverbial foliage, & I mishandle these violent invitations, while I caress tribal knowingness, about how she gracefully occupies wired expanses, yet I call on poise, & I denounce idealized forms, to activate this contemporary brink, from which I receive the other, & I like the chaotic fun.   

I keep tracing over divots in this memory bank, while I accelerate considerations regarding functional irritability, but I try simulating her to get a modest ping of dopamine, & I write in hopes of clarifying the algorithmic reflection, beaming hazily, from latent consciousness, though I injure this momentum of orthodox peace, & I can tell she likes anomalies, within roaring factory schemes, but I officiate battles of indifference, & I plug into marketing echoes, as if they are toys for biblical logic.   

I busy the organism with alternating rhythms of death & mutation, as this fasting purge, births intellectual vacancy, & I like their decorative goals, while I fumble with the significance of particular ceremonial jargon.

I linger throughout dystopian mazes, while I conceptually indulge with flavors, assembled by her exploratory niche, & I offer public work, but I am losing track of insanity freeing passcodes, & I notice her edges become rickety during intersection games, & I welcome exquisitely unpleasant meals, while I drown out crimes pinging in the margins of this avalanching machine, but I am revealed by shallow consideration, & I deny encountering her again, though I question this mixture of surreal options, & I undergo poetically induced acclimations to the unknown. 

I exalt these fluttering interjections, & I pluralize her methods for codifying desire, while I undergo another looped session of reorganizing translucency into manageable fragments, yet I brace myself when she places interest elsewhere, & I rise with the light, but I have no destination for this mapped itinerary, while I loiter hypnotically with aesthetics, & I splice genres onto consciousness, & endure functional demands, though I respect archaic sin, & I am jostled by the mystery in her loaded gesture.

I have access points, for the nature of experiencing what it is like to remain busy, & I overlap identically hued materials, yet I still crave significations of difference, & I notice her blasphemic allure, while I trip forward in delusional spite, but I persist with retainage.

I confirm the resonance of gliding adjustments, & I notice wear in these joints, but I use elastic for allegory, while I fear the lack of courage, & I politely beckon her, as I organize the debris, which keeps loitering in hallways for ethical imperialism.

I add titles for memorizing paranoia, but I get closer when she drools, and I flip switches only for the enjoyment of listening to their clicks, yet I gather recipes that produce venom, while I act upon her maneuvers located elsewhere, and I witness common sense fade away.

I persecute relaxation, while I meticulously organize dreamy bits of images, and I give her news, yet I find timidity on a different plane, but I caress the awkward implement, as I beg radar for clues, and I pick off dried sentimentality, that is no longer quiet, while I aggravate the hinges that she uses on trap door promises, but I find myself in a relaxing imbalanced position from ancient greek, as I water nearby houseplants, and I consider the edges of this intentional amnesia.