I confirm the resonance of gliding adjustments, & I notice wear in these joints, but I use elastic for allegory, while I fear the lack of courage, & I politely beckon her, as I organize the debris, which keeps loitering in hallways for ethical imperialism.

I add titles for memorizing paranoia, but I get closer when she drools, and I flip switches only for the enjoyment of listening to their clicks, yet I gather recipes that produce venom, while I act upon her maneuvers located elsewhere, and I witness common sense fade away.

I persecute relaxation, while I meticulously organize dreamy bits of images, and I give her news, yet I find timidity on a different plane, but I caress the awkward implement, as I beg radar for clues, and I pick off dried sentimentality, that is no longer quiet, while I aggravate the hinges that she uses on trap door promises, but I find myself in a relaxing imbalanced position from ancient greek, as I water nearby houseplants, and I consider the edges of this intentional amnesia.

I wish for a litany of mood certifying agents, but I sink into dampened valleys from mediocre plot twists, while I hide away secondary lament, and I press on her indirectly, with undeniable wonder, yet I misrepresent a key fixture in the system, and I graze on paranoid nutrients, while I assemble intangible houses for these lusciously cropped memories, but I detour a rebuttal to the plagued altar of joy.

I end up recluse, & signaling for automation, while I am gratified from the space of quietude, previously held by languages, which are now obsolete, and I fit her essence, in a snug vault, but I zoom out farther, with genuine intent, while I accept the quietly blending personalities, yet I get distraught by their forms, that repel key terms.

I again resemble prey, while infatuation is broadcasting wavelengths, that scramble medicinal cartography, but I list jobs to be accomplished easily, while I feel gratification in decoys, yet I harvest inspirational paradoxes from the composite being, which is alternating between her, & them.

I magnetize to slave based rhythms, dictated by libido prerequisites, and I combat madness, gently below the upper layer, of protective sealant, but I automate recurring prayers, to our most recently fictionalized idea of god, while I still build & destroy ephemeral towers, and I notice how she picks moments for long distance gazing, beyond cultural syntax, & within a universal register, but I feel my grip on anonymous items, is weakening for the sake of voided emancipation.

I have late morning dreams about the nature of plaster, but I walk carefully, and I secure that radiant anesthesia, oozing from her eyes, in a futile vault, which I used to call memory, and I trip quickly, on the random knowledge deduced by spatial governments, yet I make every iteration orderly, within comforting patterns, that repel insanity, enough for now, while I bathe in this fervid desire, to wickedly advance poetics, regardless of orthodox safety.

I dangle in mythical order, and I’m realizing the pristine impact of being within this gooey shade, that is offered by her unique temperament, while I slouch in disguised rebellion, but I treat architectural code like a nearby pillow.