Monthly Archives: October 2014

I twitch from circuit board acuity, but I motion to her in a vague way, and I only understand there is poison from expertise, though I run a dried out marker over pictures of worldly habits, and I am freed temporarily, but I go back at every chance, though I imitate novelist rules, yet I jamb arousal from her into unorganized examples of my disease, and I get hypnotized by brittle impressions in a public seat cushion, but I annoy myself, while
I gather fare to board our train, and I yank on weeds in this critical stance, but we disappeared too early, though I attach without rationale, but I care how this madness is filed in our vault.


I am humble enough to own futility, and I understand the next meetings become our pinnacle anchors, but I treat her with a phony excuse, and I sentimentalize this rush from being a practitioner of alien observational techniques, yet I bathe regularly, and I desire to quit writing forever, but I cannot omit labeling this absurdity, while she brazenly handicaps my will, and I find rumors of an epiphany, but I puncture my arrogant looming for clarity, though I imagine taxidermic nests, and I put sluggish answers beneath ticklish weather, yearning to vandalize certainty, while I could infinitely gaze at her anew, if this were only borrowed time, and I dream in commercials, yet I use rulers when producing a sketch.