Monthly Archives: March 2012

I know a scream looks for me over that distant hill, but counting toxic elements invites monotony, and she becomes patient once again, while I daze off to freeway sirens, or maybe the code has been wrongly ordered for some time now, but I giggle upon its arrival, and I try to wipe away their scent for a mere glimpse of life otherwise, but kinetic force is a viscous annoyance, so I tilt her container while begging for drops to come out, and the unborn are insulated in fluids that may haunt those accidental parts of existence, while I protest evil, but acknowledge god, only for the immediate deadly matches against frivolous valuation meant to underscore stagnant remedies that do nothing, I respect that dogmatic symptom just enough to affirm it is breathing, so that I may try to dismantle it, and manufacture a fitter curiosity, which yearns direly for healthful explosions of love.


I fold paper ritualistically, while being astonished by the creases, & her integrity scares even that psychotic beggar, but I wait for a change in this menu, & abiding confessionals took failure well, yet I rustle the order.