Monthly Archives: August 2011

I find me lodged somewhere between a perfect replica of us, and the nightmarish conformity to miles of arbitrary equations is gutting my urge for release, but I keep purchasing idols, which can be helpful in lofty moments of barbaric fascination, yet her realities are toying with our poorly crafted images of how it supposed be during this phase, while I envy hydraulic parts of utilitarian machines, and I rub the wrinkles in my forehead as these elbows lean onto a compressed valley of prototypical garbage, but their babies will arrive regardless of how many noteworthy objections are put into that big confident void, which is entertaining all the prayer submissions, and I second guess my access to freedom, but she tailored a carnivalesque methodology for such an occasion.


I burst into a range that doesn’t appear to want me, and this gear shifter incorporates an element of fantasy, but her patterns are choreographing techniques for some kind of group that has drained from a more rational place, and my toes wiggle during games of contemplation, which halts the spiritual option in this existential joke, but I still measure things when the panic comes back or as strangers take my resting place, yet she purports about those frilly canisters living in tall statues, and I watch mold gather in the creases of my elbow, and this comma is here to lead the momentum, but instigative fear may only be a superficial means to enter the next hour, and I recline awkwardly to question how beckoning is a donation.