Monthly Archives: December 2010

I ambush lost criminals who mold behavior, and then this instrument began to describe a boring plot without any climax, which just faded into a textured background for my engagement with a different kind of associate, but those measuring devices chased us with a vigor belonging to an alien species, and tomorrow is the next birth of more volunteers for the spectacle.


I try adopting fresh patterns, but the glue keeps me here, as they disarm any chance at surviving the misled algebra, which confuses each gear in this pitiful mechanism.

I put secrets in my zippered pockets for when the celebration resumes, and I compromise history to wish for a new trend, but her surface will not leave the memory of my fingers as the most important cloud decides to merge with others, that have lead the social character for a ridiculous amount of generations in this claustrophobic vessel, which is interested in the fault lines of personal conduct.

I setup new venues for exercise in a rapid fashion without considering the effects because I feel below my threshold for pressure to export material, but spreading the activities wider and subsequently thinner may not be the optimal strategy, yet it is already stimulating movement, and I think plants long for water, if only to feel the workings of their system.

I draw in languages that hate shapes, as the unified consciousness of rural furniture crumbles in the midst of crisis, that forgot how to deal with appetite on most evenings in the volatile blizzards of my affective circus, which sells more hope than flying numbers, and instead of succumbing to her, I choose this rickety vehicle, that yells at each crossing to fix me into the ambitious wanderer who never believes in placidity because time squishes organs when they are distracted by masters with an intentionality that vandalizes logic, but the persistence may be greedy enough to sway the minority.