Monthly Archives: May 2012

I arrive earlier than button pushers for the sake of their comfort, and manifestos remain haunting deeper truths, but I peruse for welcome signs, while only the cautionary feelings might count in the end, and I detonate estranged aspects of her contentenment.


I debate my belief in traffic, and she enacts that hinting posture to subvert their agendas enough for momentary obedience, but the inquisition flattens my hyperventilating desires to abandon words entirely, while the bottle keeps a presence, and I sketch ideas about places for reforming, as smokey trucks use magic on our debris, yet emergency love affairs become cliche, while a million xylophones are ringing at once, and I still look for handles, but that recoiling effect no longer causes a panic, which can toy with all feeble attempts at making one plus one equal two, and I cherish the snags in my pretend order, yet she leaves evidence of her naivety, and I host a conference on time machines, while those worshipers of virginity iron out the possibilities for residing on more awkward bridges.