Monthly Archives: April 2013

I disown her capacity quick enough to foresee a gentler landing, and I pronounce wrongly for the sake of messiness, but I garner views from exhibitionist armor in a standardly issued neighborly way, though light particles never relax, and I am infatuated with nothing special, but I cooperate in lieu of vulgarly astonishing ethical barricades, yet she is missed by each past and future iteration of longing grasps at meager connection, and I desperately work at buffering this affective presence crushing my softened torso, but I go in reverse, while magnified banality invades our formulation.


I grip onto tomorrow’s fuel, and her plagiarism invites domination, but I monetize anxiety, while that homily triggers fluctuated romance, and I put novice desirability with other misfit anomalies, yet I cram my indications along the grandiose filaments of diluted heartache, and I endure a pinnacle of guilt, but her obedience is swaying the minority’s opinion about impulsion, yet I bury sonnets under abandoned vehicles, and I double up on imaginary medication, while this low quality guild of normative actors is banishing our predicament into a new found hole.