Monthly Archives: March 2013

I refund a totality, and I perch myself on unappreciated inertia, but her vast diamond ideology begins to whine, yet I call for additional mannerisms, and I quiver in blocked out remembrances, while hefty amounts of psychosis operate like an intoxicated stranger on a disabled underground train, but I am pleased by lavish confetti tossed in honor of nothing, and she invents another place for transcendental divisions, though I remain in a perfect stance for trimming vegetable gardens, and I befriend a lonely pattern of conduct, but I imitate rotting dualities that sneakily convert my forensic experiment into bourgeois parties about meteorological heavens, yet I stay in this universe to exist near laughing bellies, and I wish tragedy could be less resilient for its victims sake, but I wore my favorite pair of jeans again today.


I check off items on a make believe list summoned for gauging reality, but I empty the jar to have things in my pockets, and her witheld feast is rotating in these margins of my attention, and I praise luminosity, while a rusting skeleton collects the veiled urges, yet I find obscenity in comfort, and I break through walls in seek of ladders, but their aptitude fizzles, though I console refugees, and I arrive in her magnificence occasionally, yet I still honor guilt, and I choose music to accentuate this unfreed jumble of internal echoes from them, but she keeps designing recipes, and I listen to those suicidally maddened heros of last century, yet I do not forfeit energy, and smudged awareness could enable directional traveling, but I blackout chances at relapse, and I stay here alone, while new tools enter being, and her antsy deservingness multiplied the risk, and I look ahead to dodge manifestos from groups of lousy wonderers, but I place scripture in rented cabinets, and I gather data on normalized means of life, though coincidences are fuel, while our ironic minds go bashful when time shoves us into the cultural mixing pot, and I budge lines in expired nightmares, and your perspiring corners ornament this dramatic installment of weekday afternoons, but I economize feelings according to clinical regulations, and I take metaphorical video of these subtle nothings on urban bypasses, though difference is essential, and I stand aside, but I complement other imagery pretending to be me.

I become drowsy in the advent of maddening portraiture, but I reduce that clutter until there is just an impression of a once functioning projection, and I let go of her wintry soul, yet filling this available landscape is difficult under the pressure of exponential growth, and I praise commonplace upheavals, while she delicately trims off elements that impede healing, and I loom in foreign cities, though geometry pins me down every time, but I stress a verb, and creative momentum is our limited resource, while dusty models have readiness, and I petition for conditional existences.