Monthly Archives: November 2012

I make playgrounds for distraught certainty, and I weep near abstractions, but she leaps over the moat of their castle, and I pray to hypocritical deities, while commissioned urges flounder in the rampantly deserted launching pad, and I finance dues, yet endless aisles of identity stabilizers build a fake heaven that lures misfit wanderers from the plague, as this over doped hum visits another mental parking lot, which justified a chorus, and I reach shakily towards apparent imagery of human evidence.


I compromise the admiration of a modest word sometimes called IF, and this imaginary harpsichord strikes out mystical notes in the desperate avenues of my sonically responsive neurotransmitters, but her towel falls quickly to the recently vacuumed carpet, while hibernation tilts our glare, and I intersperse seasonal fashions upon rancid town hall meetings, but I fumble, and she launches a placebo my way, and I undo temporary bans against iconic mischief. 

I remain late for the patronizing criteria, and her vase becomes extra still in anticipation of them, but I do not know the score because I never fully understood where to rack up points, yet I whistle during chores, and my public manners get acceptance, but I grope these intangible composites of protagonist fevers and thwarting hypocrisies, and she listens well, and I bounce around the internal madness of these systems designed for longevity, while assembly line workers punch in and out, but I ride on sea worthy vessels, and I abruptly feel too close to the edge, and I look away, and she juggles too much, but I trot forwards, yet I absorb the cynicism, and now I just exist in a room by trees near buildings.